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Don't I look down to earth and easy to get along with?

I would love to post more of these bridals, but I can't bear the thought of putting anymore headshots in disguise out on the web. However, I did want to give a shout out to my photographer Melissa Schoenhardt, who took these whilst a full 9 months pregnant (wowza). I'm pretty sure I got a mild case of bronchitis hanging out on a frozen lake all day (what we do for beauty), so she was definitely a trooper/genius. And, I promise, I did take some pictures looking at the camera and even possibly smiling. . . only because that's what ice princesses do once they've captured their prey.

me thinks we have a problem in Utah County

Have you been to see the new lights/Disneyland parade at the Riverwoods? I'm shocked if you haven't since I'm pretty sure you can see them from Space. But since I love anything slightly overdone (hence my attraction to any event put on by my church), I've visited them several times in the past 3 weeks (Dale lives at the Riverwoods, shh). But, as is the case with me, I've never thought to take a picture. Yeah, I figure that the slideshow of my life in Heaven will be a lot more interesting this way. But, ever-so-often I find something so amazing that I have to take a picture. The following is a sign outside of one of the new glitzy shops that truly blew me away. . . so much so that I actually pulled out the old camera (on my phone):

Isn't it a blessing that the recession has not hit anywhere near University Avenue? Finally there are some businesses out there willing to cater to we paupers and offer some inexpensive alternatives to the traditional family gift exchange. It's good to know that there's someplace in town that will sell someone a beanie or T-shirt for less than $100. Finally.

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