When two become one

Did I ever mention that my grandma was an original Spice Girl? Tag name: Country Spice. But, I don't think she looks too country in this photo.


Yes! I'm rich. I try to keep this detail about my life on the DL, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Now, I know what you're thinking (why do I know? Because I'm probably smarter than you. I passed the AP English test for crying in the mud.), you're thinking, aren't you a teacher? Teachers aren't generally thought of as wealthy, but I am about to dispell this myth. Sure, a father of seven whose wife doesn't work might have to pinch a few pennies, but not single ladies of leisure such as myself. All my money is mine. I don't have to share it with anybody. Especially not husbands or babies, the worst kinds of mooches. Sure I don't mind spotting my friend for a fro-yo from time to time, but generally they pay me back, and sometimes it's with a Cafe Rio. So in that case, I actually make money. Sweet!

Why am I telling you about how rich I am? Have you read the title of this blog? Well, the truth is I made an expensive purchase. That's right, I got a Blackberry Pearl. A red one, which is cooler than Lisa's white one. Now, don't go judging me because I didn't get the newest Iphone. Truth is, smudge marks all over the screen gross me out. If I was prone to break outs, which I'm not, I would never put the thing to my face. So, of course a Blackberry is a superior choice. The only problem is that it never stops dinging and/or ringing from all the notifications of my friends needing to ge a hold of me. It's tough when you have as many friends on facebook as me.

My new favorite fruit, Blackberry.

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