The Longest Day

For any of you out there who are/or were borderline obsessive about the 90s phenomenon known as "Dawson's Creek," this title is for you. For those of you not quite as devoted to Wednesday nights, "The Longest Day" was a key episode of the WB's teen dramady in which Joey Potter (Mrs. Cruise, Suri's mom) keeps reliving the same day through multiple perspectives. My day thus far, has only resembled this episode in title. However, one might say my life is a little like the plot. Tonight, I sit here in parent-teacher conferences, year four of said bi-annual conferences, having the same dialogue with nameless parents about students ranging from slacker-mouth-breathers to shining-stars seeking additional praise. I did however, just finish a conference with a student's grandma that answered the question, "Whatever happened to Mimi from the Drew Carey show?" Uncanny.

Only an hour and a half left of purusing blogs and checking political banter. I can't wait to do something worthwhile, like watch Tivo.

Why is my life better than yours? I only work until 6:30PM four days out of the year.

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