Wow, the double entendre of this blog title is blowing my mind. While obviously, a boyfriend would not be so bad (understatement of 2009), my intention is not to line up potential suitors. Rather, this is really me trying to figure out if by any snowball's chance in Hades (this is a family site people) there are actually any male readers out there. I think in the history of this blog, I have only had one comment by a the "less fairer" sex (Is that right?). So, here's my plea: If you are a boy, man, sir, or man-child and you are reading this, would you please make a comment? I'm devilishly curious. Possibly my self-deprication at times can alienate some potential readers, so I would like to check out my demographic.

(This is who I would love to know was reading my blog. Jake, you out there?)

Hmm . . .

I'm not a detective and I'm certainly not a doctor, but this picture makes me think, well I don't know, but is my mom getting old??? As we crossed the street yesterday, I was nervous that a police officer would stop and give me a gold star for my humanitarian services. (This is a mythical program that I've dreamed up from my childhood perception of policemen mixed with a playground "good deeds" program from my elementary school.) I guess I've always known this day was coming, I just didn't think it'd be this week. If you know my mom personally, please don't tell her about this picture because she's wearing her "around-the-house" crop top and I would be abandoned at age 25 for embarassment. But as you can see, that short shirt all too often sneaks into "out-of-the-house" outtings.

* In mom's defense, she has a broken knee and the walker is temporary.


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