I can't help it. I can't help it, but this picture cracks me up. Pictured below are two of my nieces- sisters. The littler one in the front, Bella, is celebrating her third birthday. The older one in the back, Lexi, is obviously a little jealous.

P.S. Someone please give me this horse for my birthday this year. I love a Palomino.

I did great.

Yesterday I was a baby. Today I am a toddler. At this rate, tomorrow I will be going to school. I am of course referring to my brief staycation from work for some routine Oral Surgery yesterday. What a girl will do to lie on a couch all day. Sheesh. I will admit that although there are some serious drawbacks to oral sedation, i.e. zero hand-eye coordination, quadruple vision, and narcolepsy, it has been quite nice to revisit my childhood with a stay at Susan's.

But the good news is, I did great! At least that is what Dr. Dave and his assistant told me several times during the procedure, and a few more times as I was being wheeled to the front door, only to get up and do my best impression of someone failing a roadside DUI test. For the life of me, I can't figure out what I could have done under the influence of such high-powered meds that would have deserved a "not-so-great" rating from my dentist. Standing up, yelling out, physicality, who knows really? I pretty much slept the entire time and had one humiliating scene where I tried to peel the nail polish off of one of my fingers, but couldn't seem to get my left hand to navigate to my right. So, although the compliments were unwarranted, I'll take 'em.

Of course, I was brought home by my loving mother, who reveled at the chance to treat me like a baby, while I reveled at the chance to let her. Movies all afternoon and evening. Ice cream breaks on the half hour. And more recently, a run to the store to pick me up some pinwheels. Thanks mom. I guess it's all reward for doing such a great job. Now tomorrow, I will be all growed up again.

Best Night Ever!

The title of this post is actually stolen from a facebook status I read moments ago. The reason I was shocked by this particular status is that it is obviously referring to New Year's Eve. And while I guess that seems to make perfect sense, at the same time I'm not sure that I have ever had a NYE (commonly-used facebook abbreviation) that could be described as a "Best Night Ever!" Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly fine celebration, full of tradition and songs about Auld Lang, but I usually find myself wanting the night to provide a certain degree of magic that is inevitably impossible. I mean, besides J LO's onesie on Dick Clark.

Truthfully, the responsibility is mine. While the "Best Night Ever!" status was alarming on it's own accord, what really upset me is that I ran into this person at the NYE party I attended last evening. A party that from an anthropological perspective was quite interesting (handsome men performing practiced "funny" dance moves, girls in cocktail dresses with mini top hats and other fascinating realities of being in the "single scene"), it failed to meet my apparently high expectations for a holiday that has never really come through. Obviously, I wasn't looking with the right lenses on. You see, I neglected to be excited by the free Starbursts and plethora of men handling my waist as they passed by, and instead chose to be bothered by not knowing anyone on a crowded dance floor, whilst girls chose to crowd surf for boys' attention.

So, here's to a new year and a new attitude. Now, let us all pray that I can spend next NYE with my husband, on a couch, eating red hots and watching the Ball drop on Eastern Standard time. Don't cry mom.

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